Giving Back

Giving Back

Racing on the open road is where GS Mossa really comes alive

With 5 members now trained on the Accredited Marshal Scheme (AMS) and another 6 booked on a course, the club will support open road racing in our region and beyond.

Road racing took a hit over the pandemic and is yet to fully recover. Too many road races are cancelled due to the lack of AMS and this shortfall must be filled by clubs providing people who can be trained and available to marshal.

Closed circuit races serve a purpose. It's sheer power and race craft. However, racing on the open road is where GS Mossa really comes alive. The many factors that make racing on the road exhilarating are what you can't find on a closed circuit.

As a club, we want to see the road racing calendar, including handicaps, back to where it was pre pandemic. With more clubs providing members for AMS, we will all reep the benefit; more races!

It's easy to get qualified. If your club can get 6 people, BC will even come to you.

So let's go! We need to put time and effort into this area of the sport we love, then we can all make withdrawals that are sustainable.