GS Mossa a cycling club for people with a passion for all things cycling, at its heart you will find our competitive spirit, but above all a spirit of all for one on two wheels. 

Application to GS Mossa is by referral, it is not an exclusive club, but we wish it to remain a group of likeminded people.
The club embraces cyclists with an interest in any discipline and outwardly encourages members to cross over to different areas of the sport.

  • GS Mossa is a commercial club, founded to both promote its commercial partners and at the same time help support the sport we all love.
  • GS Mossa sets out to be a dynamic club that provides it’s members with opportunities to fulfil their cycling ambitions whilst avoiding the pitfalls that larger, more generic clubs can experience.
  • GS Mossa is also international with links to International cycling organisations all over Europe. 

The Italian word ‘Mossa’ translates to ‘move’ or ‘step’ and we look forward to making many steps in the right direction in 2021 and beyond.