Gorrick Brass Monkeys

Gorrick Brass Monkeys

Race atmosphere was back to pre-COVID levels

Gorrick Brass Monkeys

Porridge Pot Hill

12th September 2021

The club enjoyed prime conditions at the local XC Brass Monkeys race hosted by Gorrick. A warm day on dry and dusty Porridge Pot trails made for a fast and loose course that many of the Mossa riders knew inside out.

A large showing of riders across several categories saw our ‘home’ advantage converted into podiums.

Mossa debutants, Denise and will Stuart, both earned an impressive 2nd place in the 4hr Vet Female and 2hr Junior Male respective categories.

Chris picked up 3rd in the 2hr Senior Male whilst Ollie and Mike both podiumed in the 2hr Vet Male with a 1st and 3rd respectively.

The race atmosphere was back to pre-COVID levels and our Mossa gazebo provided the team with a hub and a home for Denise’s brownies.

The XC Mossa crew are looking forward to more from Gorrick with the legendary Brass Monkeys Winter series planned at regular Mossa stomping grounds Caesars Camp and Minley Manor in the coming months.

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