Banbury Star Road Race 23/05/2021 Win!!

Banbury Star Road Race 23/05/2021 Win!!

Banbury Star Road Race 23/05/2021 Win for Nick Richards, GS Mossa

Race Report by Nick Richards

Banbury Star Road race is a 45 mile Road race on closed roads incl. a 3 mile neutralised rolling start.

The remaining 42 mile were 3 x 14 mile laps on a mix of scenic country lanes and A roads, including the main feature, 3 times up Edge hill.  This is an approx. 4 min climb at average 10%, peaking at 14%.

Lap 1:
The race started well with a few early attacks which were quickly closed down.  The first ascent of Edge hill put me in trouble, as I started to drop back through the pack.  At this point I knew I was not going to make a dent on the climbs, so I changed my tactics -  at the summit I caught up with the pack and in a lull managed to break away solo on the flat.
Engaging TT mode, I gave everything for over 1hr.  Legs felt good at the start but I knew I would lose time on the climbs – I just got my head down.

Lap 2:
Managed to get a 1 min 20 gap on the chasing break, and 3 min + on the peloton.  Legs started to tire but I just hung in there.

Lap 3:
Legs really suffering by this point.  Managed to get to the bottom of Edge hill with 1 min 40 on the chasing break, and 4 min + on the peloton.  I pretty much parked going up the climb, and with the chasing group gaining momentum I knew it would be close.  I summited with only a 20 second gap, still and 5 mile to go.

The finish:
Counting down the metres, the well-oiled machine of the ‘JRC Shutt Ridley development team’ 5-up chasing me down were gaining quick!  I was in sight with 1k to go, but held to the line with only 10 yard to spare!
Great event, and a win I will remember for a long time!